Students will learn the basic technique of dancing in heels while embracing their femininity. The choreography will focus on grooves, lines, floor work and a few hair whips to become fierce, flirty, and comfortable dancing in heels.



From booty shaking, body rolls, hip, booty and cheek isolation as well as hair whips and more. Twerk moves are broken down step by step. As you learn the basic we will add more advanced moves including speed, directions, levels, floor work, tricks and more. A fun fitness class taught in a tasteful manner. Students will also learn choreography based on the basics practiced in class.



Stretch Class is designed to increase flexibility and range of motion for pole, for dance or for life. Class begins with a dynamic warm up and progresses to deep stretching of the hips, shoulders, legs and back. Infused throughout the session are strengthening exercises for muscle control and balance to support active flexibility.



Class will focus on foundations in body movement, correct alignment, hip/booty movement, and groove steps. Students will also learn choreography based on the basics practiced in class.

Reggaet├│n is a dance and music style originating in Panama and Puerto Rico. This style of music and dance incorporates Latin, Hip Hop, and Caribbean flavors.



Learn the fundamentals of Hip-Hop including funk styles. Students will also learn choreography to help refine performance skills and musicality.



Learn what it takes to give a hypnotic, sexy chair dance routine to share with your special someone or use this class to stay fit.



Jazz Funk is an energetic and dynamic hybrid of hip-hop and jazz dance, students learn a combination of traditional Jazz, Hip Hop, and Afro-Caribe techniques. In this fun and challenging class, students will further their dance knowledge by learning more complex dance combinations.

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